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my most recent bits.
I try to focus more on photography, but if my gallery seems poetry-covered, it's because it's haikuwrimo! : D



United States
Hi, I'm Olivia.

Interest me.

Current Residence: In transit.
Skin of choice: Pale?
Personal Quote: Welcome to the world, may I take your order?
:flowerpot:J O U R N A L:flowerpot:



Yeah, I'm alive. You kids surprised?

: )

We'll see about the whole 'back' thing or not.
Doubt anyone's still watching me.

Erm, anyone want to explain the whole "llama badge" thing to me? Because I am so bloody lost. I have not been here in ages. o.o

...also, I am no longer attending a catholic school.


< glyph > For example - if you came in here asking "how do I use a jackhammer" we might ask "why do you need to use a jackhammer"
< glyph > If the answer to the latter question is "to knock my grandmother's head off to let out the evil spirits that gave her cancer", then maybe the problem is actually unrelated to jackhammers
[-AJ-]: My girl might be, erm, uh, you know
[-amp-]> a man?
< Sub> crap, I 3got 1 go 2 the store b4 2
<  Sub> 4*, 2*, 3*.

friendly people:star:



  • Mood: Yearning
  • Listening to: Eels-End Times
  • Reading: Vonnegut

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ohsostarryeyed Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2012
ack i don't know if it'd be super creepy to email you or add you on skype or something, i miss you terribly!
InfinityOnTheRun Featured By Owner May 28, 2011
i'be been supersuper inactive these past months and i miss you.
Tsu4444 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2010
I tagged you in my last journal =P
Shadyslady1219 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2010
PhotographyEsteem has recognized your outstanding work and would like to invite you to become a member of our group! It is fairly new, but all great things have to start somewhere right?!

If you choose to accept this offer, don't forget to add some of your photographs to our galleries and participate in our latest contests!

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